LEGO Master Australia Week Three

LEGO Masters Australia Week Three
LEGO Masters Australia Week Three

LEGO Master Australia pits eight teams of two against each other in a quest to impress Ryan [Judge] with their creativity, design ability and storytelling. After week one we now have seven teams left.

Missed an episode?

Visit 9Now to catch up on previous episodes. They have seasons one and two to enjoy as well.

Night Seven: Will it Fly [5 Hour Build Time] and As tall as Kale! Challenge [8 Hour Build time] Go big or Go home! Double build night, Will it Fly. Build something to be suspended by a giant helium balloon.
Second build, as tall as Kale! The less impressive build will eliminated their team.
Sunday 2nd May 7.00pm – 8.50pm

Night Eight: Four Season [10 Hour build Time] A Mid-Season Twist. What will it be? A double elimination. So much happening!

Night Nine: Video Game [12 Hour Build Time]We are heading back to the ’80s. Ready Player 1? The winning team will be safe from the next elimination.