Exhibiting with Rainbow Bricks RLUG

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Rainbow Bricks RLUG [Recognized LEGO User Group]
Rainbow Bricks RLUG [Recognized LEGO User Group]

Rainbow Bricks RLUG runs a number of Brickfest LEGO Fan event each year. They are all LEGO fan event that operates on a not-for-profit basis. All proceeds from the events are donated to our charity partners, such as The John Hunter Children’s Hospital Kid Club at Newcastle Brickfest.

Join us at one of our Brickfest LEGO Fan Events and support Rainbow Bricks’ fundraising efforts by showcasing your MOCs/Collections alongside other exhibitors. We welcome AFOLs to participate in this event and display their impressive creations.

If you have not previously exhibited, we will arrange all the tables for your display. To keep event expenses to a minimum, you must purchase black fitted tablecloths, which will be yours to keep and use for future events. The cost of each tablecloth is $22, and Rainbow Bricks can assist you in purchasing them.

Participating in events like this is an excellent opportunity to connect and converse with fellow exhibitors. It’s a perfect way to forge new friendships with like-minded individuals and reconnect with old ones. Your loved ones are welcome to accompany you and support you throughout the weekend. Moreover, we invite all exhibitors and their families to join us for a pleasant dinner on Saturday night at a local venue, where you can unwind and engage in delightful conversations with your peers.

Follow the link below and complete the form, and we will contact you about your application.