Happy Birthday, LEGO Group! 😍🌈

90 Years of LEGO Play


Today is World Play Day and The LEGO Groups’ 90th Anniversary!
What are you doing for #WorldPlayDay? Building or Sorting? Set or MOC? LEGO Play with the family or on your own? There is no right or wrong way to play… It is all about enjoying what you do.
At 8 pm on Wednesday 10th August [Australian Time], we will be LIVE on our Instagram account talking about our LEGO experiences. Feel free to join us and tell us about your LEGO experiences or Post them on our Rainbow Bricks Facebook Page.

I have enjoyed my LEGO experience for over 50 years and look forward to many more. 🙂

From the moment Ole Kirk Kristiansen, a young Danish carpenter, picked up his tools and made his first wooden car in 1932, he was focused on making high-quality toys that teach children about the world and give them the skills to thrive in it. He named his company “LEGO” from “Leg Godt”, meaning “Play Well” in Danish. Inspiring fun, playful learning remains the toymaker’s purpose today.

Visit the LEGO.com website for exciting building challenges and a ‘What Brick Are You?’ quiz, https://www.lego.com/en-gb/90-years-of-play

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