Official Images: Traditional Festival LEGO sets

Lunar New Year Display [80110], Lunar New Year Parade [80111] and Monkey King Ultra Mech [80045]

LEGO Lunar New Year Display [80110]
LEGO Lunar New Year Display [80110]

LEGO unveiled the latest Traditionals Festival sets at the Chinese International Import Expo a few days ago. Now we have more official images as they have been added to

Lunar New Year Display [80110]
Pieces: 872
Price: AUD129.99
Price per piece: AUD0.15
Minifigures: Nil
Available: 1st January 2023

Create two spectacular Lunar New Year Display models packed with traditional festive symbols with this colourful LEGO® set (80110).
These decorative, buildable models can be displayed together or individually around a home or workplace. One has buildable golden ingots in the traditional Yuan Bao design, koi fish for good luck, red pockets symbolising good wishes and fortune and the “Zhao Cai Jin Bao” greeting that welcomes fortune and treasures into the home. The second model has a large buildable moutan peony flower, small moutan peony flowers, plus the “Hua Kai Fu Gui” greeting, meaning blooming prosperity and happiness.

Lunar New Year Parade [80111]
Pieces: 1653
Price: AUD159.99
Price per piece: AUD0.10
Minifigures: 18
Available: 1st January 2023

Celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit with this LEGO® Lunar New Year Parade building set (80111). A delightfully playful festive centrepiece, it features three connectible toy parade floats. Push the floats with rabbit and LEGO themes to animate the buildable rabbit and dragon, and push the musicians’ float to make the onboard drummer minifigure drum automatically

Monkey King Ultra Mech [80045]
Pieces: 1705
Price: AUD229.99
Price per piece: AUD0.14
Minifigures: 6
Available: 1st January 2023

The set recalls the original Monkey King Warrior Mech, with updated features and functions to extend play, including rear rocket boosters, a new armour design, newly designed Golden Sight power with a light brick, a staff and other weapons that can be transformed into a jet.

Learn About Chinese Culture [10411]
Pieces: 124
Price: AUD129.99
Price per piece of Duplo: AUD1.05
Duplo figures: 3
Available: 1st January 2023
This beautiful brick-built set has a café, temple and an activity area packed with authentic details.