VIDIYO Second Wave Sets announced.

LEGO VIDIYO Summer sets 2021
LEGO VIDIYO Summer sets 2021

The LEGO Group and Universal Music Group (UMG) unveiled eight exciting new products for LEGO® VIDIYO™, including two BeatBoxes, twelve Bandmates, and five unique Stage Models. 

LEGO VIDIYO pulls together physical LEGO® elements, music tracks and augmented reality to expand children’s creativity through play and music. Each product is designed to be played alongside the free VIDIYO app, giving kids the tools to direct, produce and star in their music videos. 

Brick-built Stage Models

Adding to the excitement of today’s announcement are five stage models that accompany various BeatBox genres: a Candy Castle Stage, Robo HipHop Car, K-Pawp Concert, Punk Pirate Ship and last but not least, The Boombox that opens up to reveal a stage setup that’s perfect for flashy performances and on-the-go fun as any classic boombox. Each stage Model not only gives kids a brick-built background but unlocks exciting digital backgrounds and speakers that you can customise in your music videos’

Exciting new BeatBoxes

With this second drop, fans are introduced to two new BeatBoxes – Metal Dragon and Folk Fairy – each of which contains a Minifigure representing the musical genre, a scanning-stage, two special BeatBits (which are unique to the specific BeatBox) and 14 randomly assigned BeatBits.

Funky Bandmates

Also joining the line-up are twelve fun and funky new Bandmates, each of which comes with one unique BeatBit, and two randomly selected BeatBits. Each BeatBit offers a new way for kids to customise their videos by adding surprising and unique twists – from Alien Plants to Acoustic Guitar sounds and even some Dancing Flamingos. 

Prices and set information

43108 Bandmates Series 2 (5.99 AUD)

Each Bandmate has a distinct personality and comes with 3 BeatBits. Kids can scan the BeatBits in the app to unlock effects, sounds and more as they direct their music video. This line-up introduces Zombie Dancer; DJ Beatbox; Slime Singer; DJ Captain; Alien Dancer; Karaoke Mermaid; Dragon Guitarist; Vampire Bassist; Puppy Singer; DJ Rasp-Beary; Discowgirl Guitarist; Carnival Dancer.

Available: October 1st globally.

lego Vidiyo Series 2 BandMates
lego Vidiyo Series 2 BandMates

43109 Metal Dragon BeatBox (25.99 AUD)

Includes a dragon singer Minifigure, 14 random BeatBits and two special BeatBits (Monster Organ sound and burning Lava effects). 

Available: June 1st 

Pieces: 86

43110 Folk Fairy BeatBox (25.99 AUD)

Includes a fairy Minifigure, 14 random BeatBits and two special BeatBits (a magic spell Beatbit effect that transforms bandmates into random objects and magic forest scene BeatBit). 

Available: June 1st 

Pieces: 89

43111 Candy Castle Stage (39.99 AUD)

Includes two minifigures Candy Ballerina and Blue-beary Guitarist with accessories, 14 random BeatBits and two special BeatBits (carousel horses and top hat & cane dance). 

Available: June 1st 

Pieces: 344

43112 Robo HipHop Car (39.99 AUD)

Includes two minifigures Sing Bot and Bass Bot with accessories, 14 random BeatBits and two special BeatBits (robot sounds and graffiti artwork). 

Available: June 1st 

Pieces: 387

43113 K-Pawp Concert (79.99 AUD)

Includes three minifigures Bunny Guitarist, Kitten Keytaris and Flying Unicorn Singer with musical accessories, 14 random BeatBits and three special BeatBits (matching costumes, black and pink filter and K-Pop dance poses). 

Available: June 1st 

Pieces: 514

43114 Punk Pirate Ship (119.99 AUD)

Three minifigures Squid Drummer, Shark Guitarist and Mermaid Violinist with musical accessories, 14 random BeatBits and three special BeatBits (surf on a shark, cannon salute and pirate dancing). 

Available: June 1st 

Pieces: 615

43115 The Boombox (139.99 AUD)

Includes four minifigures Alien Singer, Leopard Guitarist, Fairy Singer and Vampire Guitarist with musical accessories, 14 random BeatBits and four special BeatBits (motorbike, magical fire, neon paint costume and synthwave style music). 

Available: June 1st 

Pieces: 996