Revealed: New LEGO Spiderman Sets

New Spider-Man
LEGO Marvel Spider-Man
LEGO Marvel Spider-Man

LEGO has added a new LEGO Spider-Man sets based on the Spider-Man: No Way Home and two inspired by Homecoming and Far From Home.

Spider-Man vs. Mysterio’s Drone Attack [76184]
First, we have 76184, a 4+ set that features three minifigures Spider-Man, Nick Fury and Mysterio. Spider-Man and Mysterio have new prints in this set. Nick Fury minifigs haven’t appeared in too many sets, so definitely one for the Minifigs. As it’s a 4+ set, there are no stickers in this set.
Price: AUD32.99
Pieces: 73
Available: 1st October

Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop [76185]
The next set is based on the upcoming movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. We know that Dr Strange is in this movie so no spoilers there and that may be why we don’t see any more set for the new movie. Dr Strange has a new cape [the Cloak of Levitation] piece in this set. It’s a moulded plastic cape rather than the material they have previously made for Dr Strange minifigs. The set also features Wong which is great to see plus new prints for the Spider-Man and MJ minifigs.
Pieces: 355
Price: AUD59.99
Available: 1st October

Spider-Man’s Drone Duel [76195]
The final set revealed is one based on Spider-Man Homecoming and features new prints for Spider-Man and Vulture. The Vultures wings are brick-built and look really good. The gold web elements are cool looking. I’m not sure about the drone, but I will get the set for the minifigs at this price or less.
Pieces: 198
Price: AUD 32.99
Available: 1st October