Archives for: December 2020

LEGO® Botanical Collection

December 31st, 2020
Flower Bouquet [10280] Price: AUD$89.99 Pieces: 756   Bonsai Tree [10281] Price: AUD$89.99 Pieces: 878 The LEGO Group has revealed a new rang… more »

Brickfest at The Bay 2021

December 18th, 2020
Rainbow Bricks is super excited to be back at Anna Bay for our 11th Annual Brickfest at The Bay A LEGO Fan Event. Our exhibitors are excited to be back out and displaying their amazing creations and collections of LEGO. The exhibitors are coming from a… more »


December 13th, 2020
Pieces: 2923 Price: AUD299.99 Available: 1st Jan 2021 The 2021 modular details were officially released. Model measures: Height: 37cm/14.5in. Width: 25cm/10in. Depth: 25cm/10in. 2,923 piec… more »


December 4th, 2020
The Anniversary is marked by the launch of a new podcast, " ‘Bits N’ Bricks", which explores untold stories behind a quarter of a century of LEGO gaming innovation, from the release of Japan only Sega Pico title LEGO® Fun to Build to the upcoming releas… more »

Fake LEGO webstores - Way to help identify them.

December 2nd, 2020
LEGO are currently receiving emails and calls from parents and fans around the world regarding fake LEGO® webstores claiming to sell LEGO products often at very low prices. The sites, which are usually promoted on popular social media sites, often look… more »

Series 21 Collectible Minifigures revealed

December 2nd, 2020
LEGO has revealed the minifigs that are series 21. Unlike the previous series of Collectible Minifigures, there are only 12 in the set. There are some tremendous mini figures and accessories in this set, standouts for us are the Beekeeper and the crab a… more »