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LEGO Elf Club House (10275) Photo Overview

October 1st, 2020

Available: 1st October, from and LEGO Certified Stores Elf Club House icon

Pieces: 1,197

Price: $149.99

This is the latest set in the Winter Village range and is also part of the new adult range of sets, thus the dark packaging. 

The set has four elf Minifigs and a new reindeer which is a cool new mound. The Minifigs have already been photographed for later in the year, as well as the reindeer. The Minifigs torsos have prints front and back and two of the Minifig heads have two faces. 

There are number of micro builds, the plane and ship which are both perfect for me to use in other photos on our feeds. I love the new brick built PC with it’s ’Nice List’, which is a sticker unfortunately, but like the micro builds this will be used in photos on Rainbows social media feeds.

The build as a whole was fun, as the Winter Village builds are. There are some play features, which are not easy to use with my big boy hands, but I’m sure other will make good use of them. Wake up the elf’s by turning the clock or drop a waffle into the pan on the oven.

The build has some nice details throughout including the present wrapping area, which uses car doors in a different way. The rooflines are created very nicely and is a technique what can be used in other MOCs.

It will fit in well with all the previous Winter Village sets, or could be the start of a great new Christmas tradition. We have often used them as a centerpiece at Christmas and will no doubt again.


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LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™ [71374]

October 1st, 2020

The LEGO Group introduces LEGO® edition of classic Nintendo Entertainment System™

Nintendo Entertainment System™ [71374]

Pieces: 2,646

Price: AUD349.99

Available exclusively from LEGO Retail Stores and from August 1st 2020.

This highly collectible NES building set is part of a range of inspirational LEGO models designed for discerning hobbyists, as they look for their next immersive challenge.

The LEGO Group today announced a LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES) Building Kit for adults, letting grown-up fans create their own NES console with LEGO bricks. The new kit, the latest product of the LEGO Group and Nintendo partnership, offers a brick-built NES model packed with realistic details, including the accompanying 1980’s style LEGO television set, so nostalgic gamers and LEGO fans can recreate their favorite Super Mario Bros.™ childhood experiences.

Today’s announcement will let adult fans take a trip down memory-lane by building a mechanically functional version of an all-time favourite console with LEGO bricks. The new NES Building Kit will include a controller with a connecting cable and plug and even an opening slot for the Game Pak with a locking feature. The console also comes with a buildable retro TV, featuring a flat 8-bit Mario figure on the scrolling screen. Fans can scan an included action brick with LEGO® Mario™ from the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course, so he reacts to on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups just as he would have in the iconic Super Mario Bros. game.

“Super Mario has been a cherished figure in the gaming world for over thirty years now,” said Maarten Simons, Creative Lead on LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™, the LEGO Group. “Many adults still fondly remember that first time they saw Mario leap across the small screen, even if the graphics were a lot simpler than they are today. With the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, we’re letting them truly indulge in that nostalgia, recreating one of the most-loved consoles of all time so they can see the Super Mario from their childhoods once again – and even to share the experience of gaming in the 1980s with their own children.”

The LEGO Group and Nintendo announced their partnership earlier this year, bringing a fun-packed LEGO Super Mario universe to life through a Super Mario Starter Course set that exclusively features a LEGO Mario figure who displays a wide variety of instant reactions to movement, color and various action bricks. This entry point set was followed up on in May with a series of Power-Up Packs and in June with the announcement of a range of Expansion Sets and collectible Character Packs. All have been designed to build out the world of LEGO Super Mario, letting players unleash their creativity by building exactly the levels and challenges they want to see LEGO Mario and friends compete in.

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LEGO Ideas 21323 Grand Piano

July 24th, 2020

LEGO Ideas 21323 Grand Piano
3,662 pieces
Available 1st August
Price: AUD529.99

Across space, time, age and culture, music joins us together and can change the world. The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano has arrived.

Turn on the motor and then you are all set to play wonderful music – select user play on the free LEGO Powered Up app to play the notes yourself or activate auto play and just listen.

Build the first-ever playable LEGO Grand Piano!
Do you have a passion for music? Do you like to relax by focusing on a fun, hands-on project in your free time? If so, this incredible LEGO Ideas Grand Piano model kit (21323) is just the creative activity for you.
Beautiful and playable: Feel the pride of building a sophisticated, brick-built version of a concert grand piano that you can actually play music with! Recreate the hammer action of each piano key, the moving pedal and authentic details such as the propped-open top lid and fallboard. Turn on the motor and then you are all set to play wonderful music – select user play on the free LEGO Powered Up app to play the notes yourself or activate auto play and just listen.
LEGO sets for your lifestyle: Take some time out and enjoy creating a LEGO musical masterpiece to display in your home or workplace. Part of a collection of LEGO building sets for adults, it makes a truly special birthday present or Christmas gift for yourself, the musician, piano player or hobbyist in your life.

  • Drum roll please as we proudly introduce the first-ever, playable LEGO Grand Piano! Experience the hands-on pleasure of creating a highly sophisticated LEGO concert piano model and then play beautiful music with it.
  • The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano (21323) has a removable 25-key keyboard, authentic hammer action, moving dampers and pedal, and motor. Combined with the LEGO Powered Up app, you can play a tune yourself or automatically.
  • Revel in the authentic design details of this beautiful model, from the top lid that can be propped up just like a real grand piano’s, to the opening fallboard and piano leg wheels, plus a height-adjustable bench.
  • If you are looking for a creative DIY project, this 3,662-piece model building kit is ideal for you. So, take some time out and click your stress away with a rewarding challenge that will leave you feeling revitalized.
  • The piano measures over 8.5” (22.5cm) high, 12” (30.5cm) wide and 13.5” (35.5cm) deep when closed. A stylish item for your home or workplace, it also makes a cool gift for musicians, music-lovers, pianists and hobbyists.
  • To power up the grand piano’s self-playing function, you’ll need 6 AAA batteries (not included) and the free LEGO Powered Up app – choose user play to play the notes yourself or auto play to listen to 1 of 4 songs.
  • Clear instructions help you to build with confidence and really enjoy the process, even if you are a LEGO newcomer. Also included is a coffee-table-style booklet about this grand piano set’s fan designer and more.
  • This LEGO Ideas building set for adults is part of a collection of inspiring model kits designed for the discerning hobbyist who relishes an immersive, hands-on DIY project.
  • Since 1958, LEGO building bricks have met the highest industry standards, which ensures they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart easily every time.
  • LEGO bricks and pieces are rigorously tested to meet exacting safety and quality standards, so you can be sure that this collectible grand piano model is as robust as it is beautiful.
  • Available directly from LEGO Stores & from 1st August, 2020

Imagined by an avid LEGO builder, the LEGO Group’s brand-new LEGO Ideas Grand Piano is a show-stopping set for adult music lovers and builders – available from 1st August from and LEGO Stores.
23rd July 2020: A dazzling idea from a keen LEGO builder and music enthusiast, has now been brought to life after receiving overwhelming demand from the public – as the LEGO Group launches the brand-new LEGO Ideas Grand Piano set. The latest product is part of the LEGO Ideas collection, which conceptualizes and produces the creative wonders imagined and voted for by LEGO fans themselves.
Designed with the intricate elements of a real grand piano, this brand-new set is a fully immersive build. With a clever motor and working keys, when the set is combined with the LEGO Powered Up app, fans can become musical maestros one brick and one note at a time – making it The LEGO Group’s first-ever piano set with the ability to play music.
Talented builders can try their hand at creating their own masterpiece on the LEGO Ideas Grand Piano using the LEGO Powered Up app, which allows them full control of the musical notes and piano keys. Alternatively, those looking to sit back and relax can choose to select ‘auto-play’ and enjoy the dulcet tones of one of the ten pre-set songs available.
The brand-new set is a masterpiece of craft and innovation, featuring all the makings of a real-life grand piano to give an authentic musical experience in LEGO brick-form. These authentic features include a removable 25-key keyboard, a top lid that can be propped up, an authentic hammer action and a moving damper and pedal, which help to make the LEGO Ideas Grand Piano as beautiful as it is functional.
Once built, the 3,662-piece LEGO Ideas Grand Piano is made to take center stage as a spectacular display model for any room, measuring over 8.5” (22.5cm) high, 12” (30.5cm) wide and 13.5” (35.5cm) deep when closed.
The new grand piano set is part of the LEGO Ideas collection, which offers fans the opportunity to submit their own brick creations with the chance to have their concept brought to life with the help of LEGO master designers and a share of the profits. Other recent LEGO Ideas sets inspired by LEGO fans, include the LEGO Ideas Pirated of Barracuda Bay and the LEGO Ideas Friends Central Perk.
Imagined by music teacher and LEGO aficionado Donny Chen, this set was designed as a way for him to combine his passion for music with his passion for building. To add to the excitement and personal feel of the build, the LEGO Ideas Grand Piano even features a music sheet composed by Donny himself.
Speaking about the process, Donny Chen said: “When I’m not building with LEGO bricks, I’m teaching, tuning or writing music on my piano. So, when I first discovered LEGO Ideas, I knew I wanted to build something that not only combined my two passions, but also looked visually stunning. It’s truly an honor to see my idea brought to life by the talented people at the LEGO Group and I hope it brings joy to all the other music fans who voted for the idea on the LEGO Ideas platform.”
Federico Begher, VP of Global Marketing at The LEGO Group added: “We get so many amazing concepts submitted through our LEGO Ideas platform, but when we saw Donny’s piano design it really stood out as something extraordinary, with great potential to become a truly unique LEGO set.
The accompanying images and video submitted by Donny really sparked some ideas within the team. We believed that including power functions as part of the model to enable the set to play real music in real life would elevate the design even further. We simply could not pass on the opportunity to create the ultimate LEGO Ideas Grand Piano model for music and LEGO fans alike!”
The new LEGO Ideas Grand Piano set is the latest example of how the LEGO Group aims to inspire builders of all ages to build, rebuild and get excited by the process of creation.
LEGO Ideas Grand Piano will be available directly via and LEGO Stores from August 1st.

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Charlestown Square LEGO Certified Store - Officially announced!

July 24th, 2020

Here is the official press release from Alceon and LEGO.


Friday 17 July, 2020: Alceon Group and LEGO Australia and New Zealand today announced that a new AG LEGO® Certified Store will open in the Hunter Region (Charlestown Square, NSW) in the coming months.

Richard Facioni, Executive Director, Alceon, comments: “Our new AG LEGO Certified Store will extend the local reach of this world class retail concept, with a quality venue in a strong catchment set to attract an engaged and loyal base of brick fans.

“Builders of all ages will be inspired by the unique in-store features and endless creative opportunities, with millions of LEGO bricks in the new store at any given time. Regardless of your age, there’s something inside to be excited about.”

The new AG LEGO Certified Store will be a multi-sensory, interactive retail destination with eye-catching features such as the signature Pick A Brick Wall, hands-on play opportunities and larger-than-life brick models. Customers will enjoy a variety of interactive play and event experiences, including a ‘digital box’ where almost any LEGO boxed set can be scanned to come to life in 3D and hand-crafted elements, including large brick mosaics which pay tribute to local icons.

Mr Facioni continues: “Over the last year, we have opened six new AG LEGO Certified Stores across Australia and New Zealand.

“Our new NSW store will further extend the highly successful formula, as one of the world’s most loved brands meets a custom-built, innovative and engaging retail environment.”

In February last year, Alceon and The LEGO Group announced an agreement, with Alceon acquiring rights to open new LEGO Certified Stores across Australia and New Zealand.

The new AG LEGO Certified Store will have a wide selection of LEGO sets, including regular limited editions, activities and events only available in store. The Grand Opening date for the Charlestown Square store will be announced over the coming weeks.

Newcastle Certified LEGO Store - Opening Soon

July 16th, 2020

We wake this morning to exciting news for Newcastle LEGO Fans with information that a LEGO Certified Store is opening soon at Charlestown Square....

We don’t have a date yet, but they are looking for a manager to start in mid August.

We have just created a group for this page. Join it and be able to interact with other members.

Here you will find information about the (coming) Charlestown LEGO store and what you can expect to find there including the following:

Pick A Brick Wall: For those who are unfamiliar with this, LEGO stores have a wall of loose LEGO elements where you purchase a cup for a fixed price and fill it with your choice of elements from the wall. Check this page for updates as to what elements are currently on the wall.

Build A Minifigure Station: Select from a small range of parts to create your own minifigures.

Polybags: Small, usually inexpensive sets in bags.

Extras: Small sets of additional pieces in a theme eg. foliage extras.

Exclusives: Some sets come out exclusive to certified LEGO stores.

VIP points: Receive points for every dollar you spend and redeem them as a discount on future purchases. Note that the in-store VIP program is run independently from the program on so points earned can only be used in the store and not on-line.

Whose is excited?