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November 7th, 2017

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Charlestown Square LEGO Certified Store - Officially announced!

July 24th, 2020

Here is the official press release from Alceon and LEGO.


Friday 17 July, 2020: Alceon Group and LEGO Australia and New Zealand today announced that a new AG LEGO® Certified Store will open in the Hunter Region (Charlestown Square, NSW) in the coming months.

Richard Facioni, Executive Director, Alceon, comments: “Our new AG LEGO Certified Store will extend the local reach of this world class retail concept, with a quality venue in a strong catchment set to attract an engaged and loyal base of brick fans.

“Builders of all ages will be inspired by the unique in-store features and endless creative opportunities, with millions of LEGO bricks in the new store at any given time. Regardless of your age, there’s something inside to be excited about.”

The new AG LEGO Certified Store will be a multi-sensory, interactive retail destination with eye-catching features such as the signature Pick A Brick Wall, hands-on play opportunities and larger-than-life brick models. Customers will enjoy a variety of interactive play and event experiences, including a ‘digital box’ where almost any LEGO boxed set can be scanned to come to life in 3D and hand-crafted elements, including large brick mosaics which pay tribute to local icons.

Mr Facioni continues: “Over the last year, we have opened six new AG LEGO Certified Stores across Australia and New Zealand.

“Our new NSW store will further extend the highly successful formula, as one of the world’s most loved brands meets a custom-built, innovative and engaging retail environment.”

In February last year, Alceon and The LEGO Group announced an agreement, with Alceon acquiring rights to open new LEGO Certified Stores across Australia and New Zealand.

The new AG LEGO Certified Store will have a wide selection of LEGO sets, including regular limited editions, activities and events only available in store. The Grand Opening date for the Charlestown Square store will be announced over the coming weeks.

Newcastle Certified LEGO Store - Opening Soon

July 16th, 2020

We wake this morning to exciting news for Newcastle LEGO Fans with information that a LEGO Certified Store is opening soon at Charlestown Square....

We don’t have a date yet, but they are looking for a manager to start in mid August.

We have just created a group for this page. Join it and be able to interact with other members. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1367515630107260

Here you will find information about the (coming) Charlestown LEGO store and what you can expect to find there including the following:

Pick A Brick Wall: For those who are unfamiliar with this, LEGO stores have a wall of loose LEGO elements where you purchase a cup for a fixed price and fill it with your choice of elements from the wall. Check this page for updates as to what elements are currently on the wall.

Build A Minifigure Station: Select from a small range of parts to create your own minifigures.

Polybags: Small, usually inexpensive sets in bags.

Extras: Small sets of additional pieces in a theme eg. foliage extras.

Exclusives: Some sets come out exclusive to certified LEGO stores.

VIP points: Receive points for every dollar you spend and redeem them as a discount on future purchases. Note that the in-store VIP program is run independently from the program on LEGO.com so points earned can only be used in the store and not on-line.

Whose is excited?

Newcastle Brickfest @HOME A Virtual LEGO Fan Event

July 13th, 2020

Rainbow Bricks Presents
A Virtual LEGO Fan Event

Rainbow Bricks is excited to be putting on a Virtual Newcastle Brickfest! We would have loved to run a physical event but we value the health and safety of our exhibitors and the public visiting us.

Newcastle Brickfest is Newcastle's first and longest running LEGO Fan event. It’s a community event, created by local volunteer LEGO fans, for LEGO Fans of all ages, showcasing LEGO creations and collections from across NSW.

This year, it is a free event with everything being online at our Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/newcastlebrickfest


Please share this with your family and friends and we look forward to seeing you there.

LEGO Group and National Geographic Partnership.

June 26th, 2020

You may have noticed that the New LEGO® City and LEGO® Friends products have been released with reference to the National Geographic Society, this is part of campaign to engage children in exploring their world and the problems its creatures are facing. The LEGO Group and National Geographic inspire kids to develop creative solutions for real life environmental challenges.

The LEGO Group and National Geographic have a well-established relationship, previously having collaborated on wildlife awareness sets such as LEGO® Friends Sea Life Rescue and LEGO® City Jungle sets. However, this is the first time the two brands are partnering on a campaign that seeks to inspire kids to think creatively – not only is it fun, but it may result in a creative solution that can one day help explore and protect our planet.

the LEGO Group and National Geographic unveil their most recent partnership. New LEGO® City and LEGO® Friends sets have been developed to create awareness about exploration and the protection of endangered species in the world’s jungles and oceans. To support the launch and engage children even further, a campaign has been developed in collaboration with National Geographic to encourage children to explore the world and maybe even develop their own creative ideas on solving the real-life challenges our world is facing. The campaign site is now live in English on LEGO.com/exploretheworld and will launch July 1st in additional languages. The LEGO Group is also announcing a contribution towards the National Geographic Society to fund grants in ocean exploration and species conservation.

The campaign will invite kids and their parents to visit the heights and depths of the earth, and to learn about exploring our world and protecting wildlife in our oceans and jungles. This includes educational content about pandas, sharks, elephants, deep sea creatures and much more. To inspire kids to pursue creativity as a way to one day help protect the world’s wildlife, the campaign will portray stories from six different National Geographic Explorers who are working in creative, unexpected and surprising ways to help address real-life problems that our planet is facing. National Geographic Elephant Ecologist, Dominique Gonçalves, is one of the explorers sharing her personal story about how she needed a creative solution to stop elephants eating food from villages in Mozambique. Her story shows that even the simplest ideas can make a big difference. Knowing that elephants are scared of bees, she implemented a system of rope fences with beehives attached so the bees now safely guide the elephants away. By seeing these stories, kids and parents will see that many of the world’s challenges can be impacted by using creativity.

The LEGO® Friends and LEGO® City sets have been developed to provide a strong foundation for kids to creatively express their passion for our planet and exploration, while giving them an opportunity to further explore and learn about the ups and downs animals are facing in the wild. Both play themes are based on real-life settings, and supported by the campaign site, children are well placed to learn about life as an explorer through play.

“We know that creativity is an incredible skill, and the 21st century needs all the creative problem-solving it can get.” Says Ellen Catherine Lucy Bowley, LEGO Friends Designer, the LEGO Group. “Caring for our planet is becoming ever more relevant to kids around the world. They are more committed to seeing positive environmental change than any previous generation, and their creativity will play a key role in finding solutions that will help better protect our wildlife. We hope this initiative will inform children of the current challenges explorers are facing and reassure them that even the most simple or unusual idea can make a big difference in the real world. The most important thing is to have a YES YOU CAN attitude. Therefore, this initiative is dedicated to kids with this exact attitude, children who are curious to learn and make a difference for our wildlife.”

Paul Rose, a National Geographic Ocean Explorer who began his journey as a creative child and today explores the ocean in unexpected ways is also featured on the campaign site. He says “As a kid I loved swimming and building things - I lived for making soap-box carts and being in the sea! Even on the coldest, roughest days, I would spend hours in the water imagining myself as a diver exploring the ocean. Amazingly, that dream has come true and, as a National Geographic Ocean Explorer, I now lead marine science expeditions to help protect our threatened ocean. It’s so cool to be able to share my story with kids all over the world and who knows, by following their own dreams, a lot of them could end up stepping into my fins to help explore and protect our ocean one day!”


Full story »

Port Macquarie Brickfest A Virtual LEGO Fan Event

May 26th, 2020

Rainbow Bricks Presents
Port Macquarie Brickfest
A Virtual LEGO Fan Event

Rainbow Bricks is excited to be returning again to the beautiful MidCoastPort Macquarie, for Port Macquarie Brickfest on Sunday May 24th.

This family friendly community event is FREE and will feature videos and photos of our exhibitors displays.

DATE: Sunday 24th May
TIME: 10am
VENUE: Your Lounge

Please share this family friendly community event with your friends and family.
We look forward to seeing you online. :-)

#RainbowBricks #PortMacquarieBrickfest